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Red Octopus Theater — named after a coffee table that resembled the sea creature — has produced original sketch comedy, classical dramas and premier musicals since 1991. Ninety-something shows and over a hundred actors later, Red Octopus is presently smiting the foe, defeating the odds and hurling comedy right at folks in the middle of its fifteenth season of mockery and malcontent. Lucky you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ain't Nothin But A Sprang Thang, Baby!

Sprang Thang is happening down at Easy Street, who's demise was somewhat wildly exaggerated. They are opening and rearing to serve you drinks! Weeeeee! The show starts at 8 and runs just under two hours with intermission and what not, so come on down for some giggles.

You don't want to miss Porky's the Musical; Cranky Pants; Shit Shooter; Poopoohead, Turdface and Ninniepants, LLC; The Iron Chef or the Silent Movie. Also see the winner of the Easy Street Film Competition and remark on how great it is to have Krystal Berry back in the cast!

So head on down to Easy to see the show.

Sprang Thang is dedicated to Banshee, a sweet kitty and Harvey Korman, who inspired us all to be better second bananas.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Eureka Cast

The Eureka Show Cast: